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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Also, wouldn't a heavier floating valve result in more gas going down the barrel resulting in a higher muzzle velocity? Or is the ARS just too heavy for any INCREASES to occur? (Read the last statement as - I have a headache and can't really think straight right now, ignore me if I'm being stupid.)
Velocity output is determined by the overall volume allowed to pass through, as well as the shape of the outlet to direct the flow through the outlet.

The design of the ARS inlet is a bit weird, because it's opposite of what I've seen in the past. I suspected it would cause a turbulence with the output, but I wasn't aware of what effect that would have.

Could this be the cause for low velocity? Possible. The design goes completely opposite of what's worked in the past. Does that mean going against the grain couldn't work? No. But in this case, this application didn't work so well.

Heavy weight doesn't affect velocity. By the time it starts its cycle to close off gas flow to the barrel, the projectile has already left a relatively long time ago.

Heavy weight affects how quickly it will close. You want it to close quick to begin the slide cycle quickly, and to save gas. Secondly, you want it to close quickly for a snappy blowback feel.
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