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WE M92 SV with markings

Hi guys, I just received my new Beretta M9. It's my third one now, before I had a KJ Works M92 Elite IA and after a KWA M9 PTP. This is my first gun in silver, both old ones were black. I decided to go with WE because I'm a huge fan of their GBBR and if they can make descent GBBR like the M4/M16 last gen and SCAR/PDW last gen, surely they can do the same for their handguns.

First off, what really put this gun in an other class then my 2 last ones is the external appearance. The silver finish render very nicely, it's even and... shiny ^^ The markings are nicely done. The only downside could be the WE logo on the grip but nothing that can be changed.

The gun feel heavy, as any full metal M9. The slide moves nicely, the mag enter nicely, they are no woobles anywhere. The safety work very well.

For the performance, I would say between the KJW and the KWA, but I would said almost even with the KWA but I can't compare the WE gas system to the system 7. The recoil is strong, as the other M9. The fps is a bit better then I thought. I do not have a chrono yet, but I would guess it is close to 350fps at 25c room temp. The accuracy seems on pair with the KWA, so good for an handgun.

- external appearance
- markings
- performances

- leaves finger prints everywhere like on stainless
- WE logo on grip and not the Beretta logo

So I'm very satified with it and would recommend it anytime. I can't tell about long term reliability do.

Don't forget to watch the videos!

YouTube- WE M92 SV with markings

YouTube- WE M92 SV with markings

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