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Anyways, I think it's actually great that you've taken the ideals that we should have mentors to mentor the next generation of airsofters although still I think 8 is a little low and really they should probably wait a few more years. I don't doubt their maturity or anything just that 8 is probably a little low.
Yes you are probably right. I years old is quite young to be giving a kid something that can harm someone else, but lowshots teaches kids to have respect for others, and that airsoft IS a dangerous sport when it is abused. We do not let any people who abuse those benefits play with us because there are children around. I know this one guy who always said he was going to run up to someone and point-blank someone in the head, and because of it, he isnt allowed to airsoft with us anymore, just because he said that. He didn't actually do it, but because kids were around, we weren't going to take the chance. This person who said that wasn't a kid either, it was a full 17 year old. maybe even older.

The children will also probably feel a bit intimidated by all the adults around, so i doubt any kids will try to seriously harm anyone. Also, we encourage the kids NOT to aim for the head if possible to prevent any serious injury. Airsoft is a dangerous sport for anyone. Young or old. It's the level of maturity that determines the level of safety and fun involved.
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