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Originally Posted by seasonnie View Post
The goggles is very nice, but i found most of the airsoft goggle is another model, like

I like the above goggles opcorn:
No ballistic rating on the first, second one is a mesh and engrish candidate:

* Brand new & high quality face guard for gun shot game!!!
* Adopt advanced flexible plastic made from , the mesh is made from hard steel material
* Comfortable fit and safety for your head (Must act upon operation manual)
* Bullet proof design for survival game
* Abide by rules to play HAPPILY!!!
* SIZE: W8" X H7 3/4"
* Adjust the strap to fasten your head steady
* Weight: 140g
They're both safer'ish than wearing no eye protection at all but I'd rather err on the safe side, a full face mask is a very good idea for CQB but a PITA outdoor, especially if it is "Adopt advanced flexible plastic made from".

I don't mind welts on my face (I deserved them) but a BB going straight through a Happy Dragon Industries "hard steel material" shrapnel generating mess mask would ruin my eyesight for life even if it claims to provide "bullet proof design for survival game" and allows me to "abide by rules to play HAPPILY!!!"

I'll stick to my pyramex shop goggles.
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