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bpbcc1, I guess we have differing views on how minors should get involved. I think we both agree it's probably better than sitting at home playing video games or out causing trouble for "the establishment" or whatever kids do these days (nah, jk I'm only 20 I probably sound like I'm an old timer). Anyways, I think it's actually great that you've taken the ideals that we should have mentors to mentor the next generation of airsofters although still I think 8 is a little low and really they should probably wait a few more years. I don't doubt their maturity or anything just that 8 is probably a little low. It's like drinking in somewhere like France, half a glass is probably fine for kids that are 14 or around that age but I wouldn't go younger than that. But you should just continue to run your place how do cause it sounds like it's pretty successful and you shouldn't mess with the formula.
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