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Personally I think that 10+ is a bit low of a lower bound for age limit. Really it should be at least 14+ but that's only my opinion.

Also I do agree that some minors can be responsible but... hell, I would not trust my 12 or even 15 year old self with paintball or airsoft (maybe my 16/17 year old self).

Really it's just a few "kidiot" minors that ruin it for everyone else, the vocal minority if you will. I would much rather have a blanket moratorium on minors playing and after a review and few "test games" (with parents in safe zone or playing alongside them (it shouldn't be a daycare, while parents go out shopping or w/e)) allow them back without parent supervision.

But I guess AA, Lowshots, and "EASY" group provide a good transition to jump from in regards to playing with the adults.
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