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Originally Posted by fleuryfighter View Post
You've got three choices
Ambush Anonomous
Xtreme Tactics
all three are great and you'll be able to go airsofting any weekend you want only thing with lowshots is i read one of the game discriptions and saw a 500fps cap and thought that was a little high for a group that allows minors could someone elighten me on this?
Quite simple. We don't limit the airsoft guns, we limit the engagements. It is a standard rule that younger players receive a less aggressive approach and have distance limits for engagement. The 500 FPS you may have seen is just a standard limit in respect that their must be a limit of some kind. Kind of like the neighborhood football game. Big guys might take it out on each other but we don't abuse the little guys. We are there for them to have fun.

We have rules that make sense such as the mercy rule. Many games employ the situation where mercy is called and if not complied to then shots are fired. At Lowshots in respect of our lack of age restriction if mercy is called, its a done deal no negotiations for safety reasons. We actually have a lot of rules like everyone else does. We just don't have an age rule. Parents decide if kids can try to play, the adults running Lowshots decide if they get to continue. Obviously age will come into play for some players. Some just won't be mature enough. We had one like that and I think he turns 18 in a few weeks
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