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I can tell where you are from

You did say the middle of Canada and that is just a little east of Winnipeg.

You would be most welcome to sign up on

You don't need to be age verified because it doesn't matter to us. We believe in judging a persons abilities based on their abilities. We have no age limit.

There are a lot of fields to play at and games are frequent. We play nothing but Mil Sim and use innovative rules. All games are objective based missions grounded in realistic scenarios. We are the ultimate father and son outing.

We are a not for profit member run group dedicated to youth in Airsoft. We are putting the toys back into the hands of kids. We have over 60 years of combined Military, Police, Medical and Technical experience in our Adult members.

My name is Baldwin, I have been in the CAF for 22 1/2 years in this contract and I am Lowshots.
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