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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
If your gonna buy the gun, then swap out half the crap, why wouldnt you just buy a CA or a TM and get the WHOLE gun as good quality. Even if you swap out a bunch of internals, the rest of your gun is still low quality.
Well i have a 2010 ver CAM15a4 carbine proline and pretty much from new out of the box i upgraded the cylinder set ( piston head, cylinder and cylinder head. ) even top of line guns need upgrading with certain parts IMO (other than a QC'd PTW ), also 99% of the time its worth checking out the shim job on the gears.

Originally Posted by FrankieCees View Post
Wow..the internal guts to these guys sound crazy! I haven't bought a gun yet but i will be in a few you guys know where i could get an internal break down picture so i can at least understand what you're talking about
check out the FAQ forums on here, there should be a wealth of info on here.
heres a couple links for ya anyways .
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