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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I see.. When we run 2 gun events .. we establish the course of fire.. within the range area.. and shooters are shown the allowed directions of fire.

Sometimes we do a walk through so shooters can see where everything is.. and formulate a plan of attack before running the course. Sometimes we run the course blind.. in that shooters do not know what the set up will be or where the targets are before they start their run..

Shooters are free to address the problem as they see fit.

this can result in radically different approaches to the same tactical problem by various shooters.

But that is OFF topic.. here.. sorry for the thread jack
I can see where your coming from. And I can agree that would be one way to do it.

However your facility is an indoor enclosed space with a great deal of control. This is an outdoor venue and I feel that some kind of artificial constraints should be implemented to increase safety and reduce possibilities of confusion.

However in any case it was merely a suggestion that I wished to table with those involved in CTACS, I have the utmost faith in ex and the rest of the guys at the LZ in their abilities and I will respect any and all decisions made.

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