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Originally Posted by Hoarday View Post
So I'm shopping around for a decent charger, and I found one on, Universal NPT Smart Charger. It's cheaper in comparison to the rest of the chargers they have there (35 compared to the other at ~85), but it's also the only one that doesn't charge LiPos. I don't really care about that part since I have no interest in switching to LiPo any time in the near future. Is this charger worth it all things considered?

Very good charger, for the money. I bought one off Scarecrow a few years back and it hasn't killed any of my batteries so far.

I did plug in my battery backwards once (half sleep, burrrr) and it shorted the unit. Luckily it is smartly designed with a 2/250 fuse in the connector and all I had to replace was that (quick trip to Radio Shack).
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