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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I don't agree ... shooters need to be able to set their own path and address targets in the sequence that they deem best.
What you fail to realize (because you where not there so I cannot fault you) was that shooters where already being given a path too follow, marking it takes it one step further as well allows event organizers to clear all debris from that path. It also keeps competitors to a specific path ensuring that the path chosen in contrast to other competitors is very similar. Thus I am only suggesting that we provide a 3 or 4 meter wide taped off general path to ensure that all participants are crystal clear as to what is expected of them at the same time giving the organizers more control over the safety of the course.

I can remember 4 clear instances where the shooters stopped and needed instruction from the spotter as to what path to take, or having to be verbally corrected because the shooter deviated from that path.

I just wanted to add that I respect your opinion and I recognize that you have a great deal of experience.

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