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Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post
I hear he sells pants.
However, there were no shirts the last time I was there.

The CADPAT from CPGear is a decent entry-level set of combats. The ACM Multicam is pretty good too (I got a set off Capital Airsoft).

Hero Army Surplus (in Oshawa) is massive compared to Army Issue. They had a ton of issue stuff (all legally surplus'ed and faded) and a lot of Parklands replicas (Don't buy Parklands).

Lots of other neat stuff there as well. Spent an hour driving there and an hour checking out all of the gear they have. Not so much in terms of airsoft accessories though (mostly paintball). Bought an CADPAT OTV ($100) and multicam boonie ($20?) there. The issue CF tac-vest was there for $200 and Army Issue sells it for $250 (New condition, "fell off truck").
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