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Originally Posted by FrankieCees View Post
Well you're about the 3rd person who mentioned the piston.

however, i am SO green to airsoft right now. Both my gf and i.

Can you maybe direct me to a link of what i need to buy? Im probably going to have to get someone to help me install what i need to, either that or I have some reading to do..
You don't really need to buy anything for the gun it self, purchuse one and rock and roll, as long as its the high end version though (8mm bearing gearbox). I have a couple friends with the high end G&G mp5's, one friends mp5 SD6 is chronoing 378 fps bone stock, the compression is amazing. The only real problem with it was the trigger contacts, on a full trigger pull the trigger contacts would break contact with the trigger switch and in turn would stop the gun from firing.It would still fire on a 3/4 pull though so all was not lost...just took a bit of time to get used too. Easy fix for that one, all you gotta do is crimp them a bit tighter (don't go too crazy though) so they make complete contact with the trigger switch when the trigger is pulled back all the way. I do understand that you are new to airsoft, but dont let this scare you off from buying one of the better mp5's out there. Just because this problem happend to one AEG does not mean it will happen to all of them. Just what ever you do, don't 11.1v lipo it cause ull get one full auto trigger pull and good by sector gear :banghead: lol
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