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ESS goggles are all ASNI rated as well as "milspec" and are acceptable eye protection within the Ottawa Airsoft Community.

As for boots. Merrel is probably one of the best commercial "civilian" line of hiking boots made. If you have any of the higher then ankle models they should work just fine.

Otherwise I can suggest you look into getting a nice pair of Combat or Tac boots as they will keep your ankle protected.

There are tonnes of online retailers available to order from, But in terms of local there is only R Nichols (for new stuff. Their pricing is so so, but their service is a joke, and whatever you do, do not mention airsoft or they will ignore you). Irving rivers is downtown and they have some stuff but they are terribly overpriced and carry an abysmal selection. JT's Paintball occationally carry's some stuff as well as Camo options, again their prices are not stellar but at least they are friendly and pretty laid back.

Long and the short of it. If you live in Ottawa either get used to buying online or get out to games and buy used from people cycling their kit.
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