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Originally Posted by ericwilliam View Post
Thanks! I joined the ottawa-airsoft forum to get area specific details, so thats been a bit of a help, and I definately plan on attending a game as soon as I can! I currently have a pair of Merrel boots, would they be suitable? and goggles shouldn't be an issue, my friend is in the army and has a pair of ESS he said he'd hand down to me.
People highly suggest "military boots" (to get into the role or w/e) but for now just starting out hiking boots are fine. ie like these I have these boots that I use (not exactly like that but in a similar style). I've found that most of what I need to do my hiking boots are suitable.

As for eye/face protection make sure the field allows those, most paintball fields won't since they're required by their insurance provider to have only ASTM paintball goggles on the field (military goggles although they can stop a .50 cal or w/e don't have the "magic" ASTM rating so the insurance company may deny claims if that's found out (they're in it to make money so any loophole and technicality they can use to deny a claim they will use)).
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