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Originally Posted by luongoo View Post
since shipping to canada is impossible

where can i buy a p226?
pyramyd air spring pistol

or any p226 thats not gas

that hongkong site, how do they ship to canada|?
Welcome to Airsoft Canada

Spring Powered pistols that are avaliable to you in Canada are few and far between in terms of Availability price and quality. If your interested in getting a quality product for the purpose of using it to game Im sure we can help you after your age verified. If your looking for a cheap springer to plink(play with inside the comfort of your home) your best bet is to hit your local hunting/finishing stores, Canadian tire and Walmart and buy whatever they have available and not get too hung up on brand or type. Heck I know Canadian Tire and Walmart sell some cheap Clearsoft CO2 airsoft that are perfectly acceptable for a plinker.


Ps. Do not order from Oversea's or the US as it will most likely be seized by customs and will not be returned to sender and you will be out however much you paid for it.
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