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TM mags

Ok, I'm glad your mags work, mine work too. As a matter of fact and NOT to sound like a Dick, the TM mags actually fit better in the ICS Sig than the TM???

Call me Crazy, or whatever but they work flawlessly. I hooked 'em all up, in groups of three(TM mags) set up the cardboard box and one-by-one zapped through each set of three with no issues at all. Seating, feeding and dropping all 5/5.

I sat down and looked at the dimensions of the ICS hi-cap and the 43 round TM's and they looked identical. I figured that lack of lube was an issue and some semi-flat spot wear from use on the bb retainer on the top of the mag. You know this is pushed back by the hop tube when inserted in the magwell.

Wear causing flat spots and lack of lubed seemed to be my Gremlin.

I don't know if anyone has actually broken a gun or just been a little frightened because it did'nt go in easy peasy. All I know is it works for me and if anyone asks that's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;o)

Now, if anyone has experiance putting a Swiss Arms 552 plastic body on a TM 552 please speak up.

From what I've seen the ICS/Cybergun uses two retaining Allen bolts on the upper receiver forward mounting points behind the upper handguard whereas the TM uses four retaining screws.

The question is: Are the plastic 552 cybergun bodies compatible with TM or do I just use a Cybergun plastic upper with the Cybergun barrel assembly?:banghead:

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