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Airsoft is a sport that can be expensive. But selective buying and slowly accumulating kit can help mitigate this. As for Condor kit, most would agree that it is the best of the lower priced kit and will work just fine for an airsofter. Im a student as well and I know the pinch can suck. A good checklist is to get things in this order; Goggles, Boots, Gun, Gear. As goggles and boots are required for safe play and then the gun comes followed by gear that suits your chosen gun. I do however you attend at least one game and rent before committing to make sure you enjoy the concept as well as a chance to see the different guns and get actual user feedback.

Also, check out Its a local field just outside Ottawa filled with great guys and has multiple AV'ers that regularly attend games. Also there are plenty of gear nuts that come out to games there so they would be ecstatic to talk shop with you about gear and help you get an idea as to what you want.

Also Check out for information on some of the other fields and the local rules. I can't comment on the fields as Ive personally not been to any other then the LZ. But Im sure they are good people.


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