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Condor... hehe - let me tell you a story of a battle belt. First belt. Loaded it up with a few plastic mags every now and then... put some pistol mags on it, rigged 1-2 drop legs off of it. Stuff came and went. Along came a G3 and a Hi-Capa. The Hi-Capa was fit on the internal duty belt inside the battle belt, in between the right and rear MOLLE panels. The belt tore at that location within a week. In terms of the G3, I looped a few carabiners and zip ties and the like onto a chest rig to act as a suspender system to keep the battle belt at the right height. The D-rings worked, but the belt failed where the D-rings connected to the padding - everything still held in place, but had begun to flop around like a mofo. I can take a few pics if you'd like...

I'm not saying avoid Condor gear - it's great for someone on a budget who is just starting out and wants to try out a loadout (I was taught to reload from mags on a belt - thus the initial purchase of a battle belt instead of a tactical vest/chest rig/plate carrier/what-have-you). I'm just saying that you need to be aware that Condor stuff will not last as long as some of the more expensive brands. Oh - Condor's MOLLE webbing isn't always to spec, but it gets the job done (nothing to dock points for, but worth noting).
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