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Good to know.

First the FAQ section is your friend. Peruse it twice or even three times and ponder it.

Second, I know how it can be being a student myself in my third year (and it doesn't help I'm going on an exchange next year). It's definitely doable, just don't go to the pub/bar/club as often and don't blow your money on girls.

$600-700 is probably a good budget to start out with, that includes the basic minimal gear (excluding things like hiking boots and biking or work gloves).

Finally, you're in luck as well since I believe that Ontario has quite a large number of Age Verifiers ans should be able to get verified easily.

PS: I have a used Pantac RAV vest and I love it. Very good on a students budget and the quality is decent. BUT remember for some things not to go too cheap, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

PPS: I also have a condor "operator hat" and shemagh and they're actually great for what I paid for them so I heartily suggest it especially on a student budget.
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