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Noob with Gear Questions!

My name is Eric, I'm from Ontario and as you can tell I am quite new here. I've done some research, saved some money but would most definately be open to tips from the more senior members here.

I've looked at Pantac/Phantom gear, and at the moment I don't believe that it is in my price range (i'm definately not excluding it from future options!), but I do not want to sink into the lowest end gear possible, so I ask this; is Condor reliable gear (mainly for a beginner)? I've read some good stuff about it, but would really appreciate some information based on user experience. I've been looking at their Coyote Tan stuff, and I'm diggin it, haha.

Well, thats really my only question as of now, but please load me up on tips and information on gear as well as guns! Airsoft is something I would love to get into, but as a student I am somewhat financially challenged at the moment. I hope this post wasn't too long or even annoying, I won't judge people on harshness as I know some people take this hobby very seriously(they have every right).

Thanks guys!

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