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My old OD Tunic had a slightly blue tinge because it was used by a baller before. I got it for like $12.

Anyways you can't see the stain anymore now. Al I ever did with it was just get it dirty by playing and when I get home I hand wash it a bit to get the really dirty/muddy parts clean (mixture of mild soap (I've tried both dish detergent and laundry detergent, either one works) and water) and tossing it in the washer afterwards (in a separate load separate to my regular clothes). I have an LG High Efficiency washer and I set it to normal wash and high "soil" (I assume it's meant for like grass stains from soccer gear and such but it does the trick for me).

Other than that I don't know, my paintball stain kind of just disappeared after a few washes (5 washes maybe).
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