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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Canadian Tire Spray Silicone Oil contains petroleum distillates, which is likely to swell your hop up rubber.

That's why this stuff is advertised as "great for window gaskets", because it swells the rubber while lubricating it, making the rubber seal so great once this stuff is sprayed on. It's almost melting the rubber.

In airsoft guns where the hop up rubber is in a relatively tight tolerance, swelling the rubber wouldn't be a great idea.

I've destroyed classic airsoft with this stuff, whose plastics were very sensitive to this oil. Also damaged hop up rubbers with this spray oil.

If you decide to use this, do so at your own risk.

Generally, you don't need a spray, as a swab on your cleaning rod is enough to get a couple of drops of pure silicone oil through the system. Drip oil is much less easier to acquire, as most sprays are compressed and can only be shipped via surface mail. As such, there are also more Canadian retailers carrying the drip stuff than there are carrying the sprays.
I guess I should have elaborated. Thank gosh Illusion is around to point out the fact that sprays (while convenient) are not actually required.

Also just so you know another option is to buy normal light weight oil (such as the great AI stuff) and put it in a manual pump spray bottle (avaliable at craft stores).
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