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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Also contains petroleum distillates, which is likely to swell your hop up rubber.

That's why this stuff is advertised as "great for window gaskets", because it swells the rubber while lubricating it, which is why it makes the rubber seal so great.

In airsoft guns where the hop up rubber is in a relatively tight tolerance, I don't think swelling the rubber would be any good.

I've destroyed classic airsoft with this stuff, whose plastics were very sensitive with its contents.

If you decide to use this, do so at your own risk. Some users may have had some luck with it. I have not.
It won't swell the hop-up rubber, it will eat away at it and make it useless. Petroleum distilates DESTROY rubber and plastics. I have a bottle of that 3 in 1 stuff right infront of me and it says it has distilates. In VERY small amounts, it likely won't do much, but I wouldn't lubricate anything apart form metal parts with it.
Hope this helps.
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