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Modifying the lower receiver by drilling a hole, the aluminum used for airsoft isn't 'high-grade' by doing that you're probably weakening the receiver as is, after modification maybe under one magazine of semi-auto would do...full auto?

I highly doubt it, we need to see fact sheets or demonstrations, not some dumb ATF agent trying to insert a magazine backwards.

Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
These things can barely handle propane without breaking down
I hope your opinion on WE GBBRs isn't based solely off of NoobLords experience, he seems to have trouble with almost ANY gun he owns.

In another thread it was clearly distinguished that he has the least clue about gun care, putting a GBBR through 10K rounds without lubing or cleaning is simply asking it to give out on you.

If the WEs can handle the tough loving from wildcard it's not crapola.

Of all the GBBRs within the mid-range pricing excluding Bomber/Inokatsu these work the best out of the box and don't feel like TOYS.

The newer versions being released have made a long way since the Version 1s back in 2008? Regardless the modified Escort/Sun Project gas system is still more efficient than open bolt gas systems.

We'll just have to see how VFC chalks up when they release their GBBRs.
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