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better air seal?? is there no way to upgrade/modify a stock hop up unit to get better air seal?? the only way i see air escaping would be through the feeding tube where the bb's come through, but you couldnt in any way modify or change that as then the bb's wouldnt feed properly.

the clears are quite soft and taht is part of the benefit and allows them to work better, i get taht they could rip easier bcuz of the softer material, but why would taht jam or what kind of problems would this cause other than not getting the proper backspin on the bb?? unless maybe if the rubber rips and then is dangling in the barrel, would taht cause the jam?

i dont plan on havin my gun go anything above 400 fps once i do upgrade it, so i figured the clear would still be good, as i have read ppl using them in guns that shoot just under 400, am i misinformed and should be looking into a different hop up rubber???
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