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I have heard that SOME cyberguns are shit. The Galil is a french rebrand of the CYMA Galil, which I have found several very positive reviews on Youtube (NOT red dragon). Same goes for their AKS74U which is a rebrand of the CYMA 035, which I have also read is quite good for a clone.

I have a budget of about 350$ maximum for my first AEG, including battery and charger. I now it's recommended to pay more, but I am a 17 year old heading off to university in a couple years (taking a 5th year of high school to save more $).
I only have a nice pair of boots and a paintball mask. I need EVERYTHING else.
I would buy a RealSword type 56-1 with the folding stock if I had 600$+ to shell out, but I just don't. I have done some research on gearboxes, and I feel confident enough to reshim, aswell as install aftermarket parts to make the gearbox more durable. I think a clone may be my only option here.
I will check out the classifieds, but from what I hear, most of it is out of my price range.
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