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Originally Posted by MSDFS View Post
Thanks for all the imput guys.
The person who I exchanged PMs with recommended a Cybergun AK74 with a folding triangle stock.
Good news for me is, Army Navy Store has it for 200$
I love Galils tho, and the SAR is only 320. That place has great prices.
I think folding stocks are the way to go. I just need to downgrade it to 350fps and I'm good for CQB and field play.
Forget anything by Cybergun. Complete and utter shit. Every single one I have seen (not that I am an expert or have seen hundreds) but at least 30, each and every one have been beyond deplorable in their quality. Read around this site and see why its worth paying just a bit more for your base gun and getting a decent quality non-clone gun. First step you will have to do is getting Age Verified, which you already said you know about, so when you turn 18 get that done and browse our classifieds and deal with our retailers in the AV section.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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