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... First mistake is taking Red Dragon's reviews seriously.

IMO they're OK. I'll admit they are better than 12 year olds with their "leet" airsoft gunz doing a "review" but not by much. Really if you want good reviews Arnies Airsoft review section, and are pretty good. They might not be video reviews but searching youtube can yield much better quality reviews including more stringent and scientific based testing as well as a more structured review (albeit sometimes these guys only make one or two videos but there are other people who review other guns well out there too).

Those videos are also much better reviews quality wise than Jarek/RDA.

/end rant...

As for the accuracy thing, long barrel =/= accuracy, sure it probably slightly helps but hop up and tight tolerances in construction (ie. Tokyo Mauri guns that only shoot at 1J) as well as a good compression system for consistency will be much more "accurate" than a super long barrelled AEG.
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