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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I can see why you can see contact as an issue. Although if anything I believe instances of what you described above would be rare. A knife kill does not necessarily mean it has to be a throat slash. Throat slashes are for people trying to be fancy. In the arm, leg, back, across the chest, the foot anywhere else is a legitimate kill area. A melee kill in airsoft is if you can pretty much touch a person with your hand. Using a rubber knife for a melee kill adds another element, but that element does not require all the variables that would come with that of a real knife. In my mind a tag is a tag, you dont have to poke someone in the jugular with your rubber knife for it to be legitimate.
I agree, I really wouldn't want someone trying to stab me in the throat with rubber knife. All the knife does is add another realiastic element in the game. All the guy has to do is tap you and you are out, he doesn't need to jab the knife into a vital spot of your body.
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