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JG SVD for Assault/Support?

Hello ASC.
I was browsing Red Dragon Airsoft's website (I know they are American, and I cannot get guns from there). I love that website because they have in-depth reviews, chrono and accuracy tests of pretty much every gun they sell.
I came across the SVD dragunov by JG. I said, "Not for me, that's a sniper rifle" until I saw the 800rpm advertized, which means it shoots full auto. The guy doing the review says that it's compatible with all AK type magazines which got me thinking. I am an accuracy freak. The long barrel and the great accuracy would be great.
I would use it with an AK magazine, possibly a drum and no optics. It has pretty good iron sights (AK style) so I would not be sniping with it. I have no interest in it and 350-60 FPS won't do for sniping anyway. I would use it as an assault weapon or a light support weapon depending on the mag used. The bipod would be useful for the latter.

Would anyone recommend doing this at all, or would I get chewed out for being another "noob sniper" at games?

NB: Before I get bombarded with the usual "Get Av'd" demands, I am 17 turning 18 in a few months. I am doing research to make the best first purchase possible.
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