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Let me tell you an interesting story of an event during a game...
Four guys (Team one we will say, T1 for short) decided to ally with team two (T2 for short.)

T2 leader spread out all of T1 to "protect our base"

T2 leader slowly walked up to each person on T1, and literally slit their throats with a rubber knife, with a nice lovely soft whisper "You're dead"

Killed all of T1 all by himself, and 1 rubber knife...

Sad, sad day...

Gunk, Shrike, Brian M and a few others know this story all too well. It's still talked almost a year later, might even be past a year I'm not sure.

Either way, if I had the extra cash I would probably pick up a rubber sword just for Zombies.
Pull a Brave Heart rush and see how that goes.
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