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I don't have a problem with my green labels as long as I don't use Madbull BBs in them. I think Hitman is overstating their problems.

The green label are no worse or better than any plastic magazine economy box set. It is not unusual for this type of box sets to require a little modification or a little tape shims to get them 100%, but it's also not unusual for them to work properly straight out of the box. The entire point of those box sets is to provide a highly afford, nearly disposable magazine solution. You are getting a chuck of ABS shaped like a PMAG, and all else being equal, it works like a chuck of ABS shaped like a STANAG or G36 magazine, etc.

The proper PMAG is built closer to the real PMAG. There's a proper inner feed portion enclosed in the one-piece outer shell, where the green label is just two clam shell halves glued together. The proper PMAG performs better (but it doesn't mean the green labels don't work), and looks and feel far superior, but also costs 3-4 times as much.

I'd be happy to use either or, if I could afford the proper PMAG (and if they came in shorty locaps).
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