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In all honesty you would need to do the following before you could ever make a claim either way.

1. Obtain two (or more) identical rifles (upgraded or not is irrelevant as long as they where identical in every way) Also the hopup would have to be identically set.

2. Isolate environmental factors. Ie conduct the shoot inside in a temperature controlled environment with a consistent moisture concentration.

3. Have an exact fixed distance for each rifle from muzzle to target, and have each rifle mounted and fixed on a immovable vice. Both rifles must have the exact same deflection in relation to the targets. (range is almost irrelevant, however I suggest 75 to 100 feet to allow for the outliers to be more noticeable)

4. Both rifles would need to fire exactly the same number and brands. Ie .28 normal bb bastards and .28 silicas bb bastard. To obtain a proper statistical average you will need to have as much data as possible. But it is generally accepted that 500 to 1000 instances is sufficient for a head to head study. For clairification, each rifle must shoot 500 .28 normal and 500 .28 silica each minimum.

5. Properly document each and every shot. including the exact location of the strike relative to the desired location.

6. Identify and isolate all outliers and remove them using a line of best fit

7. Present data and conclusion together.

What you did is what is called a simple averaged statistical study and is generally considered completely worthless in terms of predicting a future outcome. All you told us with this data is how many times you struck a target using two different types of ammunition, thus your telling us what happened not what might happen.

Statistics is a pretty complex and generally ignored subset of math. Most people focus on Scientific maths such as Functions and Vectors or Calc and ignore Stats math and assume its as simple as averaging whatever data you collected. And if you actually read this far you will realize that very few people would ever even consider performing a test like this.

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