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0.28 Silica for sniping, test


Got my hand on some silica .28, was curious about how they would turn out in a sniper BA rifle,

Testing condition were:

TM L96 modified with:

PDI Palsonite VC Cylinder set
PDI 2nd Sear
PDI slotted end screw
L96 130 spring
TM L96 AWS 6.01 inner barrel
Firefly Hard Hop-up Rubber for Marui Hop system
V-trigger unit
King Arm silencer

Gun work done by Amos, hop up rigged for 0.28

Rated at 425-430 fps with 0.2

Target was at 120-130 fts

Condition outside were light to no wind, overcast.

First, the 0.28Silica do not have any oily residue on them (or not a noticeable one),

This would avoid having to wash 0.28S BB.

I empty a mag (40 rounds of each of the following ammo):

BB Bastard
0.28 BB (not washed)
0.28S BB

Target was about a 6 wide by 6" high column

0.28 BB
Hits: 33/37 (89%)

0.288S BB
Hits: 29/37 (78%)


1) 10% accuracy in favor of the standard BB
2) 0.28S are clear, so the target won t see where ist is coming from, but you get to see where they go with the scope;
3) I will do the same exercise at a longer range (150 ft), I feel that range may have been a bit short to see a significant difference

Disclaimer: I m no expert sniper
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