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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Doesn't sound like the battery is the issue
Actually it isn't.. the motor is bad. I had to "fix" it.. although I'll have to get a new motor. I can't explain, but one of the rods that provide the electrical current is a nano of a millimeter off.. when you apply some very light pressure on it, the motor functions 100%.. So I've placed a tiny screw between that rod and the motor housing.. it works for now.

Its frustrating when your first AEG is defective after 500 rounds... already spent so much money and will have to get replacement parts.... *sigh*

the other issue is the charger; I plug my battery in, after about 45 minutes the green light goes on. so I unplug it and replug it, another 40-45 minutes goes by, the light becomes green again (green means its done charging).. I unplug and replug.. same thing.. I've been doing that for about 5-7 times with the same battery... will it EVER be completely (relatively speaking) charged???

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