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REVIEW S-Thunder M203 paintball/BB grenade

Hello everyone, this is my review of the S-Thunder M203 grenade. In this review I will also compare this grenade to the Madbull XMPB4 grenade. Sorry no I donít have any pics.

This shell just like the Madbull XMPB4 is design to be loaded in the middle of the grenade by the ĺ inch opening. The grenade can be loaded with 4 paintballs, BBs, powder, etc. Just like the Madbull XMPB4 loading this grenade is very fast and easy. S-Thunder also sells this grenade with 15 rubber plugs to seal the opening once the grenade is full. The only problem with this nice feature is that once the grenade is set off you must either find your plug or purchase some more. Personally I use masking tape to seal the opening.

The feature I like the most about the S-Thunder grenade is that it is available in 3 different color patterns unlike the Mabull XMPB4 which is only available in one color. This feature is great for easy identification of grenades for someone that likes to load there grenades with different payloads.

The one thing I donít not like at first about this grenade is that the stock power core was identified for green gas or propane only and that an upgrade power core had to be purchase at the cost of about 10$ USD to convert the grenade to CO2 power. However during my tests the stock power core had no problem handling the higher pressures of CO2 and HPA. Long term use will determine how well this turns out.

My tests also lead me to discover that the grenade can only be filled to just over 600 PSI. In comparison all Madbull CO2 grenades can be filled with no problem at over 800 PSI. When the grenade is fully charged with the propellant of your choice, there will be a back flow of pressure just like on a TM P226 mag. On CO2 and HPA this constantly occurred for me at 600 PSI no matter what power core was used. Sadly the threading on the Madbull fill valves is not compatible with those of the S-Thunder grenade.

The S-Thunder grenade retails for 39.99 USD on EHobby Asia compared to 89.00 USD for the Madbull XMPB4. When comparing the price the S-Thunder grenade is more cost effective, no questions asked. However it cannot be pressurized as high as the Madbull XMPB4 and replacement parts other than the power core and rubber plugs are nonexistent. I will be gaming the S-Thunder grenade for the first time this weekend and I will update this post afterwards.
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