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I had a really crappy thread title so a mod changed it. Can I get some advice on G&G, VA and SRC armalite based AEGs please? Purple monkey dish washer

First off I would like to say hi and compliment everyone for such a great site full of(too much!)information. I am fairly new to airsoft and looking to buy a new gun. I already own a krakken ak-47 and am interested in aquiring an M4 or an M16 variation. I have been poking around this site for quite sometime now doing research and have come up with a few options. I would sure appreciate some insight and wisdom from you guys. Here's what I have it narrowed it down to:

G&G M4 CQB-R Full Metal, SRC M4A1 Gen.3, G&G M16A3 advanced or velocity arms V4A1 carbine.

I'm not looking for the best of the best, but at the same time nothing cheap and something upgradeable that will last. Most of our games will be outside in the forest and I am also 6'3" tall so I was thinking a longer rifle would be better. Any help would be appreciated!
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