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Pistol Primary

A big yes for me!

TM Hicapa with a 7inch PDI 6.01mm Barrel you cannot go wrong. It out ranges my MP5 as long as I use 0.28 or 0.30s with max hop-up. Only problem is I cannot use it in Winter/Fall outdoor games, but there aren't much outdoor games in winter/fall anyway since that is the Indoor CQB game season.

Pistol in CQB
You are the king if you can aim properly and move fast. Maneuverability and the ease of handling give you a big advantage going to and coming out of cover to fire shots.

I regret one time letting Pusangani borrow my TM Hicapa cause every time I ran up he always got me and Nooblord at Splatters, damn PUS! (But then again hes in CAPS)

Pistol in Outdoor
The effectiveness really depends on the weather. Best used during a dry warm Spring/Summer day. If its below 10 degrees celsius your pistol may not be able to shoot much at all. If its rainy even if the weather is warm also ruins the effectiveness. as well. Your best bet is having a warm clear sunny day
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