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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
According to Mach 1 temperature will affect my gun. They told me my gun was shooting 406fps in 13C and would shoot a littleharder in warmer weather. I'm not interested in a weaker spring so if it shoots too hard I'll just find a group with a more manly FPS limit.
Temperature will not affect FPS in AEGs... The volume of air within the cylinder is constant.. the only factors that will change FPS is a change in compression.. with a softer or harder spring.. and improving efficiency with better seal or a tight bore barrel.

That being said... very cold weather may cause loss of efficiency ... but then you are operating the system out of it's effective temperature range. FPS can go down in very cold weather

It worries me that people who are selling these things seem to be as clueless as the people buying them
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