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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
I know that a weaker battery lowers ROF, but will it also lower FPS? With my gun shooting over 400fps in cooler weather I'm worried it may shoot too hard for some field limits in the warmer weather.

Would swapping out my 9.6V for an 8.4V or lower shave some FPS off if it becomes a problem for me?
Swapping out batteries only increases the rate of fire like others said. Just as a note, decreasing FPS also increases rate of fire.

You have 2 options to decrease fps:

Replace the spring
You would probably want an m100, around 340fps. DO NOT CUT SPRING IT IS A CRAPPY WAY OF REDUCING FPS THAT WILL BREAK YOUR GUN.


TM velocity reducers

I'm not sure if would trust these though...

Which gun do you have? If you have a VFC, or ICS, you shouldn't pay somebody to install a new spring. VFC has it's quick change feature, and you can take ICS apart with 2 bolts (I think).
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