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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post is the best way to go. Dude who runs it is known as Jugglez on here, so your cousin can meet up with him and get you your RIS unit.

As for the mask, theres ArmyIssue (thats always the guys name on here) in south Mississauga/Port Credit that has almost anything you need. Whether he has that exact mask Im not sure, haven't seen it there before but its been a while since Ive been there. should have his catalog.
Thanks mate, I'll be check the catalog ASAP! Although, I really don't want to put too much pressure on my cousin to meet up with other people/order via internet, so that's why I wanted to find some store where he could walk into and just buy the stuff.

Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post
Huang has a storefront in the toronto area for accessories.

You can view his store in the Non Age verified retailer section of Airsoft Canada.


here's a linky
Wow, that's sweet. This is where I'll be taking the RIS most probably.

Originally Posted by DanoftheDead View Post
I don't know of anything local, but you can order the skull face mask online at many websites.

this one has free shipping.
I haven't checked it yet, but the shipping is from Canada to Canada addresses and it should be a matter of a few days, right?

Thank you all guys, I think I've found what I've been looking for

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