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Don't charge a battery above 1C. It's a good way to cook it.

What make is the battery?
1x Intellect 8.4V 1400mAh (2/3A, High-Drain Type)
1x Intellect 8.4V 1600mAh (2/3A, High-Drain Type)

Originally Posted by LoveMyStubby View Post
Hey, another side note. Make sure you know how long the battery should last that way you have the proper expectations. I made the mistake of thinking that my battery would last a week or so Boy was I wrong. I found that with a stock battery at 39 Degrees Celcius, I got a good 8 hours of conservative gameplay.
I just got my gun and batteries, charged them all night yesterday (with a smart charger).. they worked fine for 500 rounds, then the gun jsut stopped shooting, and now no matter how long I leave them charging.. the gun makes not a click!

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I bought a "cheap" smart charger as well, and with mine it will stop charging (or look like its done) after 60 or 90 minutes.. I just have to unplug my battery and plug it back in to see if it needs to charge more.. if it goes to looking "done" right away, then it should be charged.
Mine reacts exactly the same.. but even after 3 charges, my gun won't even make a sound...

My charger has that "trickle-charge-thing".. after leaving it on all night, shouldn't it last more than 500 rounds on my gun??

I'm starting to thing my motor is dead.... after 500 rounds....

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