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Originally Posted by Con3jo View Post
Apologizes for Necro-ing, but I recently got one of these and I'm trying out the water soak trick.

Redmond, do your mags fit very tightly in the pouches? Or are you able to easily slide one out if they are both in the pouch? I'd like to have a little space so they come out effortlessly. I've tried stretching the chicom out the most I can without removing the rubber liners, but I cant move any of the mags without struggle. I just removed one of the top liners on one of the pouches to try stretching it without the liner now.
Sorry i guess i missed this, but i suppose i should of clarified how you should reload. You always pull out the one nearest to your body first, and when comes the time to throw it back in, push the mag already in the cell away from you, and squeeze the empty behind it (near your chest). You should be able to do this fairly easy. I know with 74 mags it should be a cinch as they will slide, but with any ribbed mags, it may prove to be tricky.

Another thing that makes reloading easier is insuring that your magplate is on the TOP, and not the bottom, so there isn't as much friction between the two.

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