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look, thundercactus, you need to chilax, take a step back, and think about what you are saying.

By applying your theory of compression and laminar airflow, you are saying that a pitching machine spitting a Baseball @140km/h will fly the ball farther than a baseball PITCHER throwing the same ball @ 140km/h.

That's just absolutely mindfuckingly absurd. Cmon brother, it's common sense. Assuming that they are both 140km/h, and projected at the same angle, under the same conditions, they WILL fly the same distance.

And the sole reason you would state that theory is because the pitching machine has barrel guidance and laminar airflow projecting it.

The cold hard fact is that I outranged a 470fps rifle on .30s with a 360fps rifle on .25s.
I've outranged a 400fps rifle with a 290fps pistol
A 280fps UMP on .25s can outrange a 400fps AEG on .28s
I've seen first hand Amos' team's type 56's outrange his SVD.
And at the open house, my M249 at a mere 320fps managed to somehow outrange most other rifles there!
seems like all of your weaker FPS + short barrel guns CONSTANTLY outranges all of your longer barrel and higher FPS guns. So why don't you build us a 50FPS AEG(+ awesome compression) with 10mm innerbarrel that outranges any 400FPS 600mm barrel AEG? cmon do it, it'll be fun! And then make a video for us.

What's more? That 50FPS gun will fly as far as 1000feet! Obviously duh! Laws of Compression!

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