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Originally Posted by JuicyFruits View Post
2 objects of same shape but different masses should have the same acceleration whether you drop them from 20 feet or 200 feet high. No?
Acceleration yes, speed dropped from that height yes, but not terminal velocity, that's the point I was getting at lol
The big problem with doing drop tests from a 200ft building is that most objects actually reach their terminal velocity ABOVE 200ft.

We saw the trailer for whatever movie where a guy is strato diving and it turns out theres a dragon trying to catch up to him. I put forth that at their altitude, the dragon would have no problem catching up to him.
Yet he argued that because the dragon was larger, it would fall significantly slower. And I argued that because the dragon weighs several hundred pounds more, and it's frame is built for being aerodynamic, the dragon would indeed fall faster.
He religiously argued that mass had nothing to do with terminal velocity. And stated that a 2L bottle of water and a 2L bottle of lead would hit the ground at the same time dropped from any height.
Well form 200ft they'll hit the ground at the same time, but the difference in velocity for both objects wouldn't differ for about 2000ft of freefall

Anyway to summarize, he's a dumbass and I won the arguement. Seems to be common in his family though as his uncle swore water was the most conductive thing in the world lol
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