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Q: Airsoft stores in Mississauga

Dear airsoft colleagues from across the ocean!

I'm in need of some information on the whereabouts of airsoft stores and stores with airsoft/military accessories such as tactical vests, helmets, cadpat uniforms, etc. in Mississauga/Toronto.
The kind of stuff which would interest an airsofter that is.
The main thing I'm looking for is a R.I.S. for my Classic Army M16 rifle and that famous neopren made skeleton mask from "modern warfare 2" (I believe)

So if you would be so kind to write down a few stores(and if existing - their web addresses) in which you can come into the store and buy the mentioned stuff, no online shopping that is(if and good ones, please write those down as well)

Also, I could use some suggestions on which compatible R.I.S to buy.
(I'm a fan of Daniel Defense, so if there is a decent replica to buy..for M16)

I can't find a RIS in my country shops and ordering from HK is a bit of a problem in Europe at the moment because of some shipping problems in Russia and Western Europe(it takes up to two months). So, I'm hopping my cousin who is coming in a few weeks for a visit could bring me some of that mentioned stuff.

Thanks for your time and help!!

With best regards,


P.S sorry for grammar mistakes
P.P.S and please move the thread to a different forum if I've put it in the wrong place
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