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Originally Posted by Jagdalex View Post
Funny that someone posted that, I have done some maths yesterday regarding that and here are the results:

350 FPS with 0.2 = 314 FPS with 0.25

400 FPS with 0.2 = 358 FPS with 0.25, 339 FPS with 0.28 or 328 FPS with 0.30
calculations are okay for a general idea of what you might shoot but it doesn't tell you what you shoot.

for example, I know that one of my rifles chrony's at 330fps with .25's I know that I will be sub 400fpson .2's which is a field limit here but I still don't know what my gun actually shoots. I just know that I'm below the field limit and can pass the chrony without issue (but actually chrony's at an average of 380fps on .2's)
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