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field fps and ammo

just a quick question here to verify my assumptions, i notice when it comes to games being posted there is always an fps limit listed for the game, and sometimes an fps limit associated to a bb weight such as 350 fps with .2 bb's

now for the most part i see only the .2 bb's being listed but some games dont list a weight just say the fps limit, my assumption is taht anytime a fps limit is posted for a game it is ALWAYS refering to the fps with a .2 bb, is taht correct?? is taht the standard for measuring fps??

also a lil unclear about games and ammo, my assumption is taht you bring your own bb's for the game, and you can bring whatever weight bb's you like to use(as long as your gun meets the fps limits with the .2 bb's), but then i did notice one game where the host did specify bring your own bb's so i started to think maybe for all other games you actually need to buy bb's at the filed, just like with paintball, so i just wanted clarification on how taht works, is it bring your own bb's to a game and whatever weight you like to use, as long as nothing is specified by the host, or do you generally have to purchase bb's at teh field???
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